21 Silly Things People Ask Lesbians


Have you ever heard of the things people say to lesbian women?


I swear it’s like some people don’t understand that women are allowed to date other women and we’re also allowed to date other women without the stereotypes. It does get annoying when you have constant questions get asked about a simple relationship.


So, here are some common questions and stereotypes that people have when it comes to lesbians and their relationships.


  1. Who’s the man in the relationship?
  2. How do lesbians have sex?
  3. Why do you want a woman that looks like a man?
  4. What’s the purpose of a strap-on?
  5. You’re too pretty to be a lesbian.
  6. Why don’t you want a boyfriend?
  7. Can I be your boyfriend?
  8. I can turn you straight.
  9. Why do you like women?
  10. What can a woman do for you that a guy can’t?
  11. Two women together is very unnatural.
  12. Can I watch you have sex?
  13. She looks like a man, can I just call her a he?
  14. I don’t care that you like women, just don’t try to hit on me.
  15. You don’t seem like a lesbian.
  16. You don’t look like a lesbian.
  17. You don’t act like a lesbian.
  18. What man hurt you to be a lesbian?
  19. It’s a phase, you’ll be back with a man soon.
  20. Do you have to dress like a guy?
  21. If you’ve never been with a guy, how do you know you’re a lesbian?


These are some questions and statements that people have asked my friends and I when it’s come to our sexuality. I’ve come to ignore them and just answer them as long as they’re not disrespectful and if you ladies or even guys find yourselves in this situation, just keep calm, answer the questions if you choose to and walk away.


Have you ever been asked any of these questions? How did you feel about it? Share your thoughts with me on my official account at 👉 MOOVZ, the LGBT social network.