LGBT: Accepting Yourself


It took a lot for me to realize I was interested in women. It was hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I found women attractive and I wanted to start a relationship with a woman and I knew I couldn’t ignore the curiosity I had surrounding women and I came to terms with that. Women are beautiful in every sense of the word.


That moment you realize your sexuality is different from your peers is life changing because you feel like you need to act a certain way, or keep your sexuality a secret from the people closest to you, all of that is knowing how to accept yourself and who you choose to love, proudly.


But how do you accept yourself?


1. Becoming comfortable with your decisions and your lifestyle. You’ve decided that you are falling in love with someone of the same sex as you and that’s okay. In this moment in your life, you need to understand that your choices will always be viewed differently and people will always question you about your sexuality and there might be a point in time where you need to defend your sexuality to others, but stand tall and proud about who are you are in these moments.


2. Find hobbies that revolve around what you want to do. Something, we can get caught up in is trying to live for other people or through other people and we forget that we have to live for ourselves and do what we find enjoyable or comforting. In this time of accepting your full self and your sexuality, it’s important to do things that cater to just that, making it easier to adjust into your new life/lifestyle.


3. Changing your environment/friends that no longer serve you. A journey to full acceptance of yourself is to make sure that everything and everyone around you loves you for who you are and doesn’t make you feel anything less of that. If your environment isn’t positive and accepting of you, how are you going to be accepting of you? The is one of the hardest things you might have to go through because this will make you questions what is serving you fully and what isn’t. Sometimes is maybe changing the people you hang around with or moving to a different city to fully find yourself is what’s needed. Hard, but sometimes necessary to find comfort.


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