LGBTQ Issues: Does identity matter?


Once I figured out I was interested in women, I went through a phase of how I should identify myself. I had a boyfriend, crushed on boys but I never understood my place with boys. I had a girlfriend, crushed on girls, but I never understood my place with girls.


I felt like I needed to label myself, something that stood out from being “straight,” because I felt as if I needed to be something more than a typical straight girl. I asked myself if I was a bisexual or if I was a full on lesbian. I didn’t have the answer right then, so I kept thinking.


As I got older and the years passed, I haven’t dabbled into any type of a relationship with a man for a while and haven’t felt any type of spark with a man, so I knew bisexual wasn’t the right term for me. I’m very much interested in women; love the look of a woman, touch and feel of a woman. But even then, the term lesbian wasn’t right for me because I didn’t want to close myself to the possibility of men later on my life.


So how did I decide to identify? I didn’t and I don’t. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve put too much pressure on identifying on myself and putting myself into a box isn’t something that I was comfortable doing and I also realized that I fall into too many categories that just being a bisexual or lesbian didn’t fit for me.  


What’s the purpose of this? To say that you don’t have to force yourself to identify if you don’t want to, you connect to your sexuality in the way you want to and if that means you’re not identifying, then you don’t. That doesn’t make your sexuality more or less valid than anyone else’s.

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