King Blandon’s debut single “Suck It!” it’s an LGBT Love Letter


Palm Springs native, King Blandon is releasing his debut album next November 1st. One of the album songs titled “Suck It!” is considered a Gay Pride Anthem and it is the leading single off of a 10 track album.  It will debut live on October 28th, at Hunter’s Night Club in Palm Springs. It’s just prior to Gay Pride over there.


King Blandon has stated that this song in particular has been inspired by his mom:


“‘Suck It!’ Is a song inspired by mom. I love her, and she tries her best, but like all moms, she’s not perfect. It really bugs me when we go out and she belittles LGBTQ+ people. Recently we went to Chipotle, and one of the male workers was wearing lip stick. She couldn’t stop talking about how disgusting he was for doing so. I saw no problem with it, and was actually proud of him for being his authentic self. Something I wasn’t able to do for a long time. My mom also hates it when I wear short shorts or anything remotely feminine or that’s not conservative. So, the song is just letting her and others like her know that there isn’t anything wrong with me and that I will celebrate all my individualities, not just the one’s society is okay with. If they don’t like it, well, they’ll just have to deal with it. The last verse also invites them to be open minded so we can be allies and work towards a freer future.”



King Blandon


About King Blandon

King Blandon is a Palm Springs native. He’ve had a hard time in the past, when he got to the lowest point in his life where suicide had become a toxic lover. Back then, he felt completely unaccomplished because his life was heading in the opposite direction he wanted. He was miserablely working as a substitute teacher, had given up on his creative endeavors, was still suffering from heartbreak, and didn’t know how to be happy.


As an artist, he had created illustrations of original characters he made up, how they came to be, their stories, and how he had written songs about them.  In the past, he stated that people weren’t responding to his music, which was how he was telling the stories he had created. He felt it was just time to move on and pursue a conventional career dispite his distaste for one, but that changed overtime,


Fast forward about nine months after making this statement, the challenges he had faced allowed him to feel more confident and he had to overcome to get to where he was. He comes now with a brand new message with his debut album, a story of heart ache, feeling worthless, struggling with his identity, loosing himself, and what it took to rise from the ashes to come out triumphant.



“Suck It!” The single will be available for download and streaming November 1st, and future performances are currently being discussed, including one during the pride weekend in Palm Springs which kicks off November 2nd. For more information on King Blandon check his 👉 Official Website & Social Media.