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VIDEO: Fight between two volleyball players ends up with a KISS!

What if all fights ended up with a kiss? I would like to believe that besides giving the best example ever, it would also be a little bit sexy. This unusual event happened during an “All Star” league volleyball match in Japan between two of the players, Yu Yamamoto and Takuya Takamatsu. It all started when […]

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VIDEO: The Most Fabulous Tennis Match aka Dance Off! Work It Out Boys!

Dexter Mayfield is back with a new video with his best friend Matt McCall and as always it does not disappoint.   You have never seen a tennis match quite like this before.  The balls are flying with this crazy awesome choreography that leaves you court side with your jaw on the floor.   Work it out […]

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EYE CANDY! Colby Melvin & Rodiney Santiago

This behind the scenes video of Colby Melvin and Rodiney Santiago is the true definition of eye candy.  Both of these models have never looked better with their chiseled bodies and gorgeous faces. Colby and Rodiney are both very active on MOOVZ!  

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Rodiney Santiago Wants to Motivate YOU to Hit the Gym!

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t look the way you want to look right now. Don’t get upset if you’re not lifting the weight you want to lift yet either. Everyone starts somewhere, if you’re actively pursuing a better healthier lifestyle in the gym then you are WAY AHEAD of billions of people who just […]

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Ask Mama Cass: Fat Shaming in the Gay Community

Here is the questions I received: Mama Cass, I can really relate to the fat shaming blog that On the Moovz posted last week.  I am a chubby boy and I always feel self conscious, being gay and over weight.  I know that you lost a lot of weight and seem so confident.  Do you […]

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Rodiney Santiago: Quick Shoulder Workout With Dumbbells

Hi guys, I wanted to show all of you a quick shoulder work out with dumbbells.   The exercises are easy and effective and dumbbells are common at the gym, so hopefully your gym has them.  Remember not to start off too heavy .   If you have any questions, you can shoot me a message on […]

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Rainbow Shoe Laces to Fight Homophobia in Sports

Johnathan Thurston (Rugby Player) is one of many  high profile Australian sportsmen and women behind a new equal rights campaign aimed at ending homophobia in sports.  “It’s 2016 and homophobia is still a big problem in sport. Help kick out homophobia for good by lacing up with me for this weekend’s rainbow round of sport […]

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VIDEO: Jazzercise Just Got a 2016 Makeover

Cheap Undies continues their colorful dance video series with a video that would even make Richard Simmons smile!   The video will make you want to throw on some bright tights and take a dance aerobics class. It is about time jazzercise made a comeback, don’t you think?  Even Wikipedia agrees: “In 2015, the company began […]

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The NFL is Now a Gay Ally? Thank You Roger Goodell!

Roger Goodell, chairman of the National Football League is about to become known as a major gay ally. Goodell has an openly gay brother and has decided to take a stand for him and equal rights.  Goodell and the NFL have become allies in gay rights advocates’ efforts to defeat HB 757, the controversial religious freedom […]