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VIDEO: Ashley & Jessica, a Moovz Love Story!

Ashley & Jessica met on Moovz- the LGBT social network, and they sent us a super cute video telling us their story. Their story begins on May 27th, 2015 when they both created their Moovz account! (Destiny???) Soon each of them realized they have met one of those people who would change their lives forever,  and […]

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Moovz celebrates all women who have inspired our community!

The International Women’s Day has arrived, despite some people wondering why women have their own day. It’s true that women should be respected and celebrate everyday of the year, but here in Moovz we want to celebrate! This doesn’t mean we don’t think we should celebrate every day, treat men and women equally. We should […]

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Israel’s Air Force shows LGBT inclusiveness on Family Day

This past weekend Family Day was celebrated in Israel, and the country’s Air Force (IAF) decided to post in their official Facebook page some pictures to portrait and support all types of modern Israeli families who have served in their units. Out of the pictures they published, one took the attention of the entire site making […]

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PHOTOS: Congrats to the #FestiveWear Winners!

A big congrats to the winners of our #FestiveWear contest:  @ويلي WILL , @jump_up22,  @Sergio Cayetano We had over 470 entries and over 15,000 interactions!  Of course, we loved them all, but we could only choose a few!  We chose our favorites based on creative effort, community feeling ,  and LGBT inspired. We will have […]

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WATCH: The Top 20 LGBT Videos of 2016

2016 has come to an end and it has really been quite a year for the LGBT Community.  As a way to remember 2016 and a way to celebrate 2017, we decided to put together a blog of “The Top 20 LGBT Videos of 2016.”   We really tried to choose a little something for […]

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Moovz Releases The First Ever LGBT Group Chat!!

Moovz has once again become a pioneer in the LGBT application world.  Moovz just recently released a new update that includes some really exciting new features for chatting.  There is a group chat feature that has never been used on any other LGBT app…ever!  This group chat allows people from all over the world to […]

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“Brian Justin Crum (America’s Got Talent) Releases “Skyscraper” LGBT Anti-Bullying Video…It is a Must See!” is locked Brian Justin Crum (America’s Got Talent) Releases “Skyscraper” LGBT Anti-Bullying Video…It is a Must See!

Brian Justin Crum is a fan favorite on the current season of America’s Got Talent.  Brian has become (what seems like) an over night sensation because of his incredible voice.  What we love about Brian is that he is using his new found fame as a platform against bullying.  On the show Brian and his adorable […]

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Thousands in the LGBT Community Share A Heart for Orlando

Moovz wanted to pay our respect and honor all of the people who were killed in the Pulse Nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida.  We asked our users to “Share A Heart” on Moovz under the #withorlando   The response was so overwhelming and our team was just blown away by all of the support from […]