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New Feature! The Moovz Stories Are Here!

MOOVZ , the biggest LGBT social app is taking the next level by presenting their newest and exciting feature: The Moovz Stories!   Sharing the best LGBT content has been Moovz‚Äôs biggest goal, and now users are able to share everything that is happening around the LGBT community and their personal life through the Moovz […]

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I’m Kyanna and This is my Coming Out Story!

February 2016, I sat on my hallway floor as I watched my mother use the bathroom, (don‚Äôt judge me) we were having a regular conversation about our day and plans for the weekend and all I could think about was ‚Äúthis is the perfect time to tell her I have a girlfriend.‚ÄĚ ¬† You see […]

LGBTQ News Moovz

Moovz & Global Public Figures Support LGBT Rights in Israel

Throughout the whole week, different messages and demonstrations of support for the LGBTQ community in Israel have been observed on social media, aiming for the demand of equal rights. This Israeli LGBTQ movement has risen after a violent attack against a transgender woman and after a the proclamantion of a new law which deliberately discriminate […]

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Commemorating Harvey Milk Day

Harvey Milk was a prominent gay activist during the twentieth century. He ran for office three times before becoming the first openly gay person elected into California public office where he acted as a city supervisor in1977-1978. He was murdered by Dan White, a former colleague of the Board of Supervisors whose politics often clashed […]

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POLLS 2018: Madrid Pride, preferred LGBT festival among the community

We are back with the results of our latest poll, and since pride season is just across the street, we wanted to know from the community, which¬†LGBT culture festival¬†is their favorite? The poll was conducted for a week in¬†MOOVZ, where users from all over the world were able to vote between the following:¬†Madrid Pride, Fetish […]

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International Day of Lesbian Visibility, Why is it important?

Since 2008, every April 26th, the lesbian visibility day is celebrated around the world in order to demand equal rights for all lesbians. This movement was born from the LGBT movements in Spain as part of their visibility activities, based on the position lesbians were having in society and public spaces.   As the years […]

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MUSIC: The 2018 Valentine’s Playlist! with Love from MOOVZ

This week we had a Moovz activity with all users to celebrate love in all their shapes and presentations. Either you are a Valentines grinch or not, I’m sure that you love music and that you must have at least one favorite love song ( being in love, self love, friendship, broken heart, etc.), ¬†so […]

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VIDEO: ¬°The Best LGBT Moments of 2017!

2017 was full of big events and activities for the whole LGBTQ worldwide, y we are so happy to say that Moovz was present in most of them. Moreover, we proudly powered many of them, making possible to unify, inspire and support our great community. Therefore, as a summary, we decided to portray some of […]

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Moovz’s New Holiday Video: We all want to spend the Holidays like this!

Every year MOOVZ, the biggest social LGBTQ network releases a huge Holiday production to celebrate diversity, unity and love among the LGBT community around the world. This year was no exception, and we came out with two amazing and emotional videos to inspire those who are still struggling to come out from the closet and […]

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VIDEO: Grandma and Grandpa Watch RuPaul Drag Race..Hilarious!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your grand parents watched RuPaul’s Drag Race? ¬† You don’t have to wonder any more because the video below really captures a variety of reactions. Some of the older straight men and women didn’t really like the performance part, but when it came to the […]

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The New Moovz is Here! Log In and Enjoy All the New Advancements!

Moovz has more than 2 million users connected worldwide, making us the biggest LGBT social network! ¬† Our team is always working hard to find new ways to improve the app and make our users happy! Therefore, we are so excited to announce our new¬† advancements that make the app faster, more relevant, and overall […]

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Let’s Make This Gay Couple Wish Come True! Only 24 Hours Left!

Last week we made reference to Israel’s government whether deciding on supporting¬†same sex adoption.¬†We want to introduce you Snir and Lior, a gay couple who have been struggling on fulfilling their wish on having a child and grow their little family due to these circumstances. Well, they found a way to make it happen and […]

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EVENTS: Moovz ready to take over the South Florida Market

Moovz, the biggest LGBT social network is speeding up its global growth and its next target is the South Florida Market. Powered by Miami based Share Media Agency, Moovz will boost its international presence through exclusive VIP events to celebrate this release in South Florida with the aim to be able to connect with¬†influencers, businesses, […]

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Lady GaGa Voted as “Ultimate Diva” for the LGBTQ Community

Congrats to Lady GaGa on being crowned the “Ultimate Diva” for the LGBT Community! ¬† Almost 20,000 Moovz users from all of the world voted and Lady GaGa kicked some major ass with 42% of the votes! ¬† The complete results were: Moovz recently added polls as part of their new features this past month. […]

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Dogs take over The World Pride Madrid 2017 runway

Pets and runners were the spotlight of the second day of activities during the World Pride Madrid 2017. ¬†Early morning the “Diversity run” was held with a huge attendance rate, and later on pets were able to show off their most pride side during the “Chueca con Plumas y Patitas” (Feathers & Fur)parade, where LGBT […]

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TEASER VIDEO: Famous Drag Queens Talk About LGBT Pride

Moovz has a fun new online show called “The KiKi Show.” ¬† Each week Moovz brings you another episode with fabulous queens. ¬† Watch as some of the most famous drag queens talk about their original struggles with being gay. ¬† The Queens are proud of who they are and you should be too! ¬†Featuring […]

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VIDEO: Celebrate Mother’s Day with RuPaul Drag Race Queens

Moovz has teamed up with Producer Entertainment Group to bring you a new weekly event, “The KiKi Show.” ¬†Each week we will bring you new and original content with some of the most popular drag queens in the world. ¬†Including: ¬†Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderfuck, Katya, Willam, Pandora Boxx, Jinx Monsoon, Courtney Act, Violet Chachki, Bob […]

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VIDEO: Five inspirational moms give out message to the LGBT Community

In Moovz, we decided to celebrate the mothers of people in the LGBT community, and that‚Äôs why we made a video in which five Moovz users shared their experiences in the LGBT world, ¬†and the growth process that they shared with their moms. ¬†   The video is very emotional, because sons/daughters and mothers opened […]