#SomosLaReina: “We all are royalty”, msg of the Hispanic Pride 2017


Last monday, US Latin singer Ana Victoria, released her latest single video La Reina in a co-production with Moovz, the LGBT social network, showing off her complete support towards the LGBT community.

Ana is also known due to her musical heritage since she is daughter of two of the most famous artists in all Latin America of all times,  Argentine celebrities Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer.

She was born in Los Angeles, California and since she grew up with this cultural mix between American and hispanic culture, she decided that L.A. would be the setting of her next musical success. It is also Los Angeles the place where she decided to do the kick off of this release, since she performed this song for the very first time last weekend at the Long Beach Pride Event.

Ana Victoria & Drag Queens - La Reina video

La Reina features different drag queens who represent the most famous latinas artists amongst the LGBT community: Alejandra Guzman, Gloria Trevi, Paulina Rubio and Yuri, as well as her mother of course, Amanda Miguel, joined by the legendary Cher. This shows the way she bonds with the community since these women are considered top LGBT icons.

The song  has a very unique rhythm, a mix between the traditional Argentinian tango and the electro pop beat which makes you want to shake it off. Its lyrics will invite you to embrace equality and shake off prejudice.

Something that definitely deserves an applause about this project is the inclusion of LGBT people in the video, presenting an interactive, neutral and fun environment. ¡Her look is stunning! That golden dress she wears towards the end, makes her look fiercer than ever.


The video was previously released on May 22nd, exclusively on Moovz app, and now it has been released elsewhere. Check it out!

Go to Moovz 👉 #SomosLaReina and show us how you pose as royalty.