Celebrity Big Brother Finalist Courtney Act Gets Intimate With MOOVZ!


Shane Jenek, better known to RuPaul’s Drag Race fans as Courtney Act, made it down to the Celebrity Big Brother finals last Sunday.

Her entrance to the Celebrity Big Brother house was just something, not just because she described herself as a gender queer, pansexual, polyamorous, atheist, feminist and blonde Australian, labels which by the way confront some of the other house members beliefs, but also because during her entrance to the house infront of thousands of viewers,  she flashed everybody else when her entire skirt fell off her waist (allegedly by accident), exposing her genitals to the entire audience. 

Courtney Act in Celebrity Big Brother

Courtney Act in Celebrity Big Brother

Now that she is part of the final round of the show, Courtney Act feels more confident and publicly accepted to believe she might be able to win the show’s contest.

Before going into the Celebrity Big Brother house, we had the chance to sit down with her in an intimate conversation about things that you may not know about the famous drag queen, such as her choice for veganism, her scariest moment ever or why she once has felt ashamed to be part of the LGBT community.


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