MUSIC: Frida, Lesbian Love Anthem Singer Releases Debut Single


Lesbian Love Anthem Singer & Songwriter Frida Modén Treichl released her debut single “Amazon of Wonder” on this past week.


The song is a tribute to Frida’s bisexual awakening and her love for her Amazon. A pop song with a strong dance beat and live strings. ”There can never be to many lesbian love songs in the world” – Frida


Listen to the full single on iTunes or Spotify now!


Frida is a singer, songwriter and actor and has played leading roles in musicals on Sweden’s largest stages for the last ten years. Such as Alison Bechdel in Fun Home. She just released her debut single as a solo artist and songwriter.


At the age of 29 Frida had a life changing experience; she fell in love with a woman.  ”I was living straight, I thought I was straight, I had no idea. It became very important to express myself musically to vent all of these new and big emotions. I also want to illuminate LGBTQ-rights with this song, love is love.”


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