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Erika Jayne Releases New Video: How Many F*cks?

I have a feeling Erika is sending a message to the other cast members of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.   After meeting Erika and seeing her perform many times, she really shouldn’t give a f*ck.  Get em’ girl!     More music news, on MOOVZ

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“Local Queens” Only Make Money Because of Drag Race Girls?

RuPaul Drag Race alumni, Trinity Bonet,  just released a video that speaks to the disrespect that “local queens” give to RuPaul Drag Race girls.   I put the “local queens” in quotation marks because I find it to be a little rude to call anyone who has not been on RuPaul Drag Race a “local queen.”  […]


Gloria Vanderbilt Shocks (her son) Anderson Cooper with Lesbian Affair

The mother and son sat down to talk with Jess Cagle, editorial director for People and Entertainment Weekly, and Cooper found himself shocked when his mother admitted she had experimented at a young age. We all know most people experiment with the same sex growing up.   Here is what Gloria Vanderbilt had to say about […]


April 24 is Coming (GAME OF THRONES TRAILER)

I say it, time and time again, but I think Game of Thrones may be the best thing on tv right now. Drama, sex, incest, murder, deceit! Sure, it sounds like an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians but this drama of the 7 Kingdoms is all fictional. Season 6 looks to answer some big questions, […]

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Pop Beef: The Art of Christian Cimoroni

Pop culture and gay perspective furiously smash into each other in artist Christian Cimoroni’s work. The artist and illustrator, based in Columbus, Ohio, manages to make strong commentary on gender identity, masculinity, and the glories of pop culture all while keeping tongue firmly planted in cheek. Sexy, evocative, and fun, Cimoroni has a wide range […]

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VIDEO: Amy Schumer and Puppies-Two Things We Love!

Hola Mis Amigos… It is I, your fearless Capitáno Américano de la Comedia, Michael Piper-Younie! I’m feeling festive and sassy today because in New York City, Spring has Sprung! And this week (two days ago) marked National Puppy Day! I’ve attached a picture of myself and my puppy co-captain of 10 years, Esmerelda “Ezzie”. This […]

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The Luscious Lifestyle w/ Blake Sterling: Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Hey Guys & Gals~ I’m beyond excited to join the on the On the Moovz blog family and share my tips to living The Luscious Lifestyle with you. My passion for living life in a more beautiful, organized and thoughtful way will influence all that I share. You’ll get a taste of personal tips, tricks […]

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Ruby Rose Dyes Hair Green

Ruby Rose now has green hair! The “Orange Is The New Black” star showed off her new ‘do on Instagram last week, revealing that the transformation was for her upcoming role in the movie “xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage.” Ruby, 29, has rocked many different hairstyles since beginning her career as a DJ and […]

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Adele & Ellen Play 5 Second Rule

Adele is always down for a fun joke, as we learned with she last appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and pranked a bunch of Jamba Juice employees. In a new segment that was cut for time from the show, the “Hello” singer plays another game, “5 Second Rule,” that’s nearly as enjoyable. In the […]