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LIFESTYLE: Tips To Combat Dry Skin During The Fall

That chill in the air isn’t going away anytime soon. The sun is setting earlier and the temperature is dropping and before you know it you’ll be covered in layers protecting your skin from the frigid air. During this time of the season is when your skin is more likely to become dry because of […]

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5 Essential Shoes To Buy This Autumn

Autumn has arrived and it’s time your shoes match the season. Fall is here and it’s time to trade in those flip-flops for proper footwear. See our selections below for the five shoes that every guy should have on their radar to make the most of the autumn season.  . The Monk Strap If you’re wanting to […]

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VIDEO: Top 10 Questions About Gay Sex | Gay Life/Love

Here are 10 questions about love and sex for for gay boys who need answers!  “Bottoming is like getting your ears pierced, you have to leave the earrings in so that the hole doesn’t close up.”   Well…that’s an interesting way to look at it!  LOL Enjoy the full video below and feel free to […]


PHOTOS: Braided Eyebrows are the New Hot Trend! Check them Out!

Trends come and go and we have a feeling this one won’t be around for long!  LOL Braided eyebrows are the latest beauty trend and they are definitely a LOOK.   I will admit that these do look better than the squiggly lined brows. What do you think?  Would you rock braided eyebrows? According to […]

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The New X Men Movie: Dark Phoenix, “not too intergalactic”

X-Men fan’s hopes that X-Men: Dark Phoenix would be an epic movie are being squashed. Director Simon Kinberg has given an interview with Total Magazine and stated that “[We must] find a way to ground it so it’s not too intergalactic.” . The original storyline, based on the popular Dark Phoenix Saga in the comics, […]

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PHOTOS: Love Ginger Boys? Check Out this Pole Vaulter…Yes, He’s Gay!

Do you love sexy ginger boys?  Then say hell to Shawn Barber, a 23-year-old Canadian pole vaulter who currently holds the world title at the IAAF World Track and Field Championships. And, the best new is…Yes, he is gay! Shawn also had no issues with coming out and being proud.   Barber came out very easily earlier […]

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TRAVEL: A Day In Monaco – The Luxurious Tiny Country

Monaco is a country of extravagant spectacle compacted with high-rise buildings everywhere you look.  .   Monaco overlooks the crystal blue water of the Mediterranean and is known for its wealth and glamor. With its own royal family and money pouring out of every crevice it’s no wonder that the most wealthiest of people flock here. […]

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Israel Now Supports Same Sex Adoption! More Details Here!

The Israeli government reversed its position on adoption by same-sex couples on Tuesday, telling the State Attorney’s Office that it has no objection to the practice. The Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Ministry informed the state attorney that it was backing down from its previous position that it would not lift discriminatory procedures, although […]

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VOGUE Italia Features a Gay and a Lesbian Kiss…On the Cover!

Following the example set by the late, great, Franca Sozzani who frequently dedicated entire issues to underrepresented minorities in fashion, like plus-size and women of color, new editor-in-chief Emanuele Farneti has chosen to celebrate fashion’s biggest month with models locking lips. Lily Aldridge and Vittoria Ceretti on one cover, real-life couple Edoardo Velicskov and Pablo Rousson on another, and yet a third one features Maria […]

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TRAVEL: 5 Places In Europe To Visit This Autumn

Summer isn’t over yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t already plan your trip for fall. . Traveling in Europe during the fall means you avoid the summer high season which translates to saving money and time. During the fall, travellers are able to get better deals on flights and hotel prices. An added benefit, travellers will experience shorter […]

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Men’s Swimwear Becomes Sexy Thanks To Charlie By Matthew Zink

If you’re ready to ditch the old board shorts and jump into bold, brave, and stylish swimwear then it’s time to become a Charlie fan. Charlie was created by New York based designer Matthew Zink. His vision was one where men could indulge in a timeless lifestyle experience. Since its inception, Charlie has grown to include […]

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“Stop the Fags” Campaign in Australia. Disgusting & Unbelievable

It looks like the United States is not the only country with a bunch of backwards homophobic people who are coming out of the wood work. Disgusting anti-gay ads and brochures have showed up in a many Australian cities in response to the nation’s same-sex marriage vote.  Of course LGBTQ rights advocates and lawmakers are pissed […]

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Transgender Models Hired by PETA for the First Time for Rather Go Naked..

Amsterdam – Holland’s Next Top Model winner Loiza Lamers and Men’s Health Germany cover star Benjamin Melzer appear together in a fearless new PETA campaign proclaiming, “Transform Your Wardrobe – Don’t Wear Fur.” The ad featuring the stripped-down transgender models is the latest edition of PETA’s iconic “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” The […]