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What Countries Around the World Allow Gay Marriage? Check out this List!

We are happy to announce that two dozen countries have enacted national laws allowing gay marriage.  We are feeling confident that more countries will follow as there are a growing number of governments around the world are considering whether to grant legal recognition to same-sex marriages.  Check out the list below: Malta (2017) Malta’s parliament […]


Optical Illusion Makeup, You Have to See to Believe! Wow!

Mimi Choi is a 31-year-old makeup artist from Canada who creates intense hyperreal optical illusions.   Mimi’s incredible skills have earned her over 300,000 followers on Instagram. Mimi trained as a teacher and worked in a pre-school for three years, but felt like something was missing, “I felt like my creativity was suppressed. I enjoyed […]

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5 Year Old Reacts to Finding Out His Brother is Gay! So Sweet!

This might be the sweetest video on the internet today!   Watch as the older brother comes out to his younger 5 year old brother.  The older brother (Oliver Potter)begins the chat by talking about love, but it is little brother (Alfie) who takes the lead. Oliver, a Youtuber, asked: “How do you think about […]

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VIDEO: Jeffree Star Contours His Penis with Makeup

Jeffree Star is at it again and trying to make penis contouring the new trend in makeup.   Nothing seems to surprise me any more when it comes to these “celebrities.”   Now it does makes sense someone would want chiseled cheekbones, but a chiseled eggplant?   Besides that, makeup can’t taste good for your […]


Britain’s First Muslim Gay Wedding! You Won’t Believe How they Met!

This week, Britain celebrated one of its first same-sex Muslim marriages. Jahed Choudhury, 24 – who identifies as both gay and Muslim – married his partner in an Islamic ceremony, even though his family refused to attend. Jahed Choudhury, 24, spent his life feeling tortured because he was gay and was sent to religious camps to change his sexual […]

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HIV Positive People Get Insulted in these Hurtful Grindr Chats

The HIV Foundation in Queensland recently released a video that shows real-life exchanges from mobile dating app Grindr as a way to send a powerful message of awareness and spotlight the HIV stigma and its effects on the LGBTI+ community. It is really unbelievable the hurtful things that people will say on Grindr.  First of […]

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Eye Candy: The best of Mr Gay Pride Spain 2017

Mister Gay Pride 2017 is celebrating its ten years of history by crowning this year Ricardo, a member of the Spanish army from Tenerife. This big event was held during the World Pride 2017 in Madrid this weekend at the iconic Sol Square. Here the best moments of the night. Follow more content related to […]

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VIDEO: Manila for OraQuick-Today is National HIV Testing Day

Today is “National HIV Testing Day” and OraQuick just posted a new video starring Karl Westerberg aka Manila Luzon. The first “National HIV Testing Day” was on  June 27, 1995, the annual observance is aimed at encouraging people to get tested for HIV and become educated about their status. According to the Centers for Disease […]

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PHOTOS: The Best Moments of the Diversity Race

For the first time, the Diversity Race was held in Madrid, by a society proud of its sexual diversity. This is the first official race in honor of World Pride, which confirms Spain’s dedication to, and support of acceptance for people of all sexual orientations. More than 20,000 runners joined the event in support of […]

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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Scared of HIV

You shouldn’t be scared of HIV. Really, I mean it – you should not live in fear of getting HIV as a man who has sex with men, or part of the LGBTQ community. Did I just say “there’s no risk, go out and have bareback sex with strangers”? No. Not being scared doesn’t mean […]

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Open Relationships: The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

I love my boyfriend, but I have sex with other men. So, it can’t be true love, can it? In a monogamous world, an open relationship can raise a lot of questions, doubts, and some people have even looked down on me (or my relationship). I’ve never doubted whether or not I love my boyfriend, […]

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PHOTOS: Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black Get Married!

Moovz wants to send a big congratulation to Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black!  The couple got married in a service at a luxury castle on Dartmoor National Park in Devon.  The Bovey Castle Hotel venue is about 30 miles from Daley’s home city of Plymouth.  The couple shared a series of portraits, taken by Andy […]

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VIDEO: Fight between two volleyball players ends up with a KISS!

What if all fights ended up with a kiss? I would like to believe that besides giving the best example ever, it would also be a little bit sexy. This unusual event happened during an “All Star” league volleyball match in Japan between two of the players, Yu Yamamoto and Takuya Takamatsu. It all started when […]

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VIDEOS: Meth is Killing the LGBT Community

Something is killing our community. We continue to lose too many of our loved ones to addiction. Check out the four part series of Chasing Tina by Impulse Group, below.   You can learn more, on MOOVZ. If you or someone you know are struggling with an addiction to methamphetamine, please visit:  

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10 Gay Halloween Costumes for 2016! Which One Is Your Favorite?

10.  Sexy Unicorn:  It doesn’t get gayer than a unicorn and the guy in this pic is clearly having a great time! 9. Batman & Robin:  A traditional gay love story that will always turn heads! 8.  Bert & Ernie:  This one could be a bit controversial, but if you make it “sexy” it is […]