Devin Mitchell-Gay Los Angeles Photographer Presents “Clothing Optional”


Devin Mitchell, a Los Angeles based photographer has been making waves with is creative and dynamic style of art.

 Devin explains, as far as I go, I am a photographer that really knows as much about cameras as much as I know about fixing cars. Anyone can learn how to replace parts, but my interest as always been in the arts of application.
In his latest series of photos “Clothing Optional” (see below) Devin was inspired by a scene from X-men that reminded him of wolverines clothes being vaporized by the Dark Phoenix, right before he kills her.  Although that sounds pretty dark, Devin insists that the importance of this theme is to blend fashion and fitness into a single, simple image.  This series features well known guys such as Idan Matalon, Colby Melvin, Maor Luz, Pablo Hernadez, Cheyanne Parker,  and many more!

You can check out more of Devin’s work HERE.


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