Power Rangers makes history by featuring an LGBT lead character in a Superhero Movie for the first time!


The new Power Rangers” movie is breaking a barrier that no other superhero movie has crossed before. The film version of the 90s TV show has decided to include a lesbian character in its lead cast.


The movie will show the coming to terms of the Yellow Power Rangers own sexuality. Dean Isarelite, director has called this a pivotal momentfor the movie. Israelite hopes that people will identify with Triniand understand that coming out and being who you are is OK!


Trini the yellow power ranger by actress Becky G.


Trini or the ‘yellow power ranger’ is played by Mexican-American actress Becky G.


In the past, there has been LGBT representation in comic books with characters such as Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn, but these characters have always been shown on the big screen as straight female superheroes.


TV on the other hand has been more progressive, featuring a lesbian storyline in the CWs Supergil. The shows producer is openly gay Greg Berlanti, who has been known to feature other LGBT characters in previous shows.
Coming out in theaters only a couple weeks after Disneys remake of Beauty and the Beast, and featuring also an LGBT character, Power Rangers will most likely start a new era of diversity in superhero movies.



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