RPDR: Why Did Charlie Hides Give Up? Broken Ribs?


The name on everyone’s newsfeed this morning is Charlie Hides.  Charlie has been a fan favorite even before she joined RuPaul’s Drag Race with over 20 million views on her hilarious YouTube channel.   Charlie had so many people rooting for her and many of those people are now upset with her because what just went down on the show.

In this latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Charlie definitely did not shine in the main challenge, which was surprising because it was an acting challenge.   Charlie is a brilliant actress and hilarious comedienne, but she seemed to just be too in her head to get the words out and deliver her lines.   Although this was shocking, this was not what has everyone’s panties in a bunch this morning.    People are upset because Charlie just stood their during her lip sync, barely mouthed the words, and literally did not move at all.   It was extremely awkward to watch and sad to see someone so talented just throw in the towel.

How did this happen?  First and foremost Charlie does not consider herself to be a lip sync queen.  She sings LIVE and does her stand up LIVE, so lip syncing just isn’t her gig.   She already had it in her head that if she had to lip sync, she was going home.  Secondly, there are rumors that she had a broken rib and could not move around too much or it would have made her condition worse.

I agree that Charlie should have at least tried a little harder because she really embarrassed herself.   Having said that, I am still a fan of her work!   She just released a new music video, “THE DAME,” that will remind everyone why they fell in love with Charlie in the first place!   (see below)

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