VIDEO: Miss Continental 2017 Finals, Winner Trips and Rips Her Gown


Miss Continental’ is an annual female impersonation pageantry system founded in 1980 by Jim Flint. It takes place in Chicago and is held over Labor Day weekend.  The pageant is one of the most prestigious drag queen/transgender pageants in the world.  Some former Miss Continentals include Candis Canye, Sasha Colby, Erica Andrews, Naysha Lopez, Monica Munro, Maya Douglas, Mimi Marks, and many more of the best entertainers of all time.

The 2017 Miss Continental pageant was last month and there has been some controversy surrounding the outcome.   Just a few days ago the videos have been released, which have sparked up even more controversy, especially because the winner (Shantell D’Marco) trips, rips her dress, and in the process you can see her tuck tape.

We are not saying who should have won, we are just showing the receipts in a video form.   Check out the video below and log into MOOVZ #queens for more videos from this pageant.