VIDEO: NYC Ballroom (Twiggy) Mash Up with Drag Queens (Alyssa, Alaska, Shangela, Raja)

Moovz just released a fabulous new video called #runwaytakeover !   The runway video was inspired by Twiggy from the documentary about the ballroom scene in New York City called “KiKi.”
Moovz filmed a ball that happened in New York City a couple months back and then edited it together with footage we filmed at the “Runway” Voss event at RuPaul’s DragCon.   You can really see how these famous drag queens have been inspired by the ballroom scene because of the similarity of the dance moves, etc!
The video features many well known queens, including:  Alaska Thunderfuck, Kennedy Davenport, Gia Gunn, Milk Queen, Shangela, Alyssa, Laganja, Raja Gemini. Chi Chi Devayne. Jessica Wild. Derrik Barry, Aquaria, and Nebaskra Thunderfuck.

Special Thanks to Twiggy, Voss Events and DJ Vjuan Allure for the fabulous track.

 You can check out a lot more drag queen content on MOOVZ.