VIDEO: Drag Queen Elaine Lancaster Goes on CNN in Support of Trump! WTF!


Just when you thought the supporters of Trump could not get more confusing, drag queen (Elaine Lancaster) goes on CNN to sing her praises of President Donald Trump! Yes…we are serious!

James Davis, a female impersonator in Florida by the name of Elaine Lancaster, said that after coming out as a Trump supporter he was “black-balled” from performing in many of the clubs across the United States.

Elaine Lancaster supporting Donald Trump has left many of us really shocked in the LGBTQ community. Elaine has been a well respected and admired queen for many years and was even on Real Housewives of Miami.. in drag!   Elaine has lost almost all of that respect after her most recent television appearance on CNN.   Rhea Litre responded on Facebook with these words:

“Dear Elaine Lancaster you are not only disgusting you are a major disgrace to our community and every thing we stand for. I hope u enjoyed your 5 mins on TV because it has ruined u forever.”

What are your thoughts on Elaine Lancaster supporting Trump on such a huge platform?

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