Lesbian Couple Assaulted in Desert Hot Springs


A suspect has been arrested in Desert Hot Springs in connection with the brutal assault of a deaf lesbian couple that happened this past Tuesday.

The suspect is Shaunda Lane and she has pleaded guilty to attacking the two deaf women when she became offended at their sign language gestures telling her to get off of their property.  Lane was so enraged she grabbed a baseball bat and began to hit them with it.

The victims, Dee and Cat, just moved to the area only three months prior.  The community has rallied behind the victims (Dee and Cat) by helping the two with medical costs.


“Someone was greatly offended. We don’t think she knew they were deaf, and she was offended by their mannerisms, by not being able to communicate and shooing her off their property,” said Chief Dale Mondary of the Desert Hot Springs Police Department.

Luckily another resident came to the women’s aid, but she said the two ladies are now living in fear.  “it’s sad because if someone does something to them, they can’t even hear them,” the resident said.

If anyone has the contact information for them, please let us know.  MOOVZ would like to reach out to them and make sure their story is heard.